10 reasons to do headstands or handstands every day!

Photography by Michelle – YoGoGirls

Handstanders Debby – YoGoGirls & Cole Bombino


1. They’ll make your upper body super strong. Get those yogi guns firing!
2. They will increase your balance. Use your thumbs and index finger for grip and balance!
3. They are fun and can boost your mood.
4. They build core strength. Abs! Abs! Abs!
5. They help with bone density, blood circulation and breathing.
6. You see the world from a different perspective.
7. Relieve your feet for a while, walk on your hands instead.
8. You can finally master the keg stand.
9. You can wow your friends and neighbors.
10. Keeps your face young and lifted. Not necessarily the skin but with a smile.



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