A Hundred Thousand Possibilities


founder of Blissoma Holistic Skin Care & Apothecary

How to describe how I feel this morning…. I feel like life, and my ultimate guru (myself) gave me a koan on which I meditated for over a decade and I finally broke through ego + intellect to intuition. The doubt was useful, the self examination held purpose at the time. Now instead of doubt, analysis, and questions I have peace. I am grateful for the doubt, but I am glad it is gone.

A photo from the movie A Little Princess, a book Julie loved as a little girl.
A photo from the movie A Little Princess, a book Julie loved as a little girl.

When I sit with myself I hear a softness that says back “It’s ok”. Instead of chatter there is a quiet, effusive pulse to return to, and the more I live in that place the more the outer world changes too. For so long I have dreamed, and it turns out dreams are the essence of reality, which is so blessedly beautiful I could and do cry.

I feel like Dorothy who had the power to go home all the time. I feel like every storybook hero who is saved partly by perseverence and purity and partly by the love of those of same spirit around them who also fight for the same cause.

I feel like children’s stories hold great lessons for adults. Things so simple that we have trouble remembering them… We tell each other these stories about others to gently remind ourselves of parts of our own soul. I feel like every story is inside me. I feel like the child I was somehow knew the adult I would be and prepared rigorously for what was ahead. Stories of abandonment, struggle, brutal work, resourcefulness, magic, and persistence. Where simple but essential goodness banishes the most towering of evil in the end.

I feel a hundred thousand possibilities percolating. I finally feel my own light and understand how it works. This is where things start getting really cool.


At this point in my life I feel like every skill I’ve ever had has led just to one end – to be a really great example of pure love. Any worldly skills I have are solely in that service whether it be skincare, painting, writing, dancing, etc. All meant to communicate and embody love.

Julie Longyear is the Founder and Herbal Chemist of Blissoma Holistic Skin Care & Apothecary. Blissoma is the elegant marriage of herbal form and function, created by the explorative mind of a scientific artist.

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