A Pain in the Neck





We are living in an increasingly fast-paced world that keeps us connected to these little devices that are wreaking havoc on our posture. Feeling your text neck? Here’s an exercise you can do at your desk or anywhere!


Hands into Head:

Begin seated with the bottom of your pelvic bones rooted evenly into the chair or ground below and the top of your head stretching toward the ceiling. Reach your arms up overhead, clasp your hands together by interlacing your fingers with your thumbs free. Bend at your elbows and place the palms of your hands on the back of your head, resting your thumbs where your hairline meets your neck in the occipital area. Inhale and gently press the back of your head into your hands while keeping the sensation of your tailbone lengthening into the floor/chair and the crown of your head up toward the sky while drawing the chin in. Breathe here 5-7 breaths. Enter a state of being, and away from doing.


Text neck is result of our always doing, checking status, likes, messaging people back, etc etc. Let’s step away from this state and into a resting state of being. We are human beings, not human doings. See you on a yoga mat soon.

If you’d like to practice a Thanksgiving flow with me, it’ll cost you a non-perishable food item or two. Meet me on a mat at Yoga Six Des Peres at 9am, Nov 23. (Food will be donated to The Fit and Food Connection to feed hungry people in North St. Louis. In the St. Louis area, over 20% of households hold high rankings of food instability, according to the 2013 Missouri Hunger Atlas Data Report. Fit & Food Connection benefits low income families, senior citizens, and the disabled who deal with food insecurity in their daily lives.)

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