Adhirohati Costa Rica Yoga Retreat


To rise above. Transcend. Shed the layers of our untruths, our biases of self and others. To come together as family and support, nurture, experience, and tap into our highest possibilities.


Join Sarah Fuhrmann, Josh Lynn, Christine Kick and Debby Siegel for a New Year’s yoga retreat on the western shore of Costa Rica!

Each of the 6-days’ activities is based on one of the Tantric Yoga Qualities of Consciousness. These concepts invite you to fully engage, nurture, and grow yourself and others. You will dive into inquiry through 2 yoga offerings per day, music, communal connection, exciting adventures, a massage, acro yoga, thai yoga and personal time for yourself.

This large estate is comprised of 3 spacious homes which offer both togetherness and privacy. All 3 homes are next to each other, on top a hill with panoramic ocean views, serene surroundings and cool breezes. Guests can easily go from one to the other home through the lush gardens. Each home as its own kitchen and laundry, rooftop terrace and its own pool!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


• 2 Daily Yoga Classes (AM and PM classes)
• 3 Meals a Day
-Meals outside the estate are not included.
• 2 Excursions
-Catamaran Day Sailing and Snorkeling and Rainmaker Day Tour
• Drinky Drinks
-Drink card for 6 alcoholic beverages during your stay.
• Massage
-State your preference at time of booking.
• Life Evolving Workshops
• Airport Transfers
• Self Discovery
• Transformation
• Fun

Your stay, airport transfers, and all meals at the estate are included in the price. Your flight to and from Costa Rica is not part of the fees.

Creating connection, living memorable experiences and having the best adventures shouldn’t mean maxing out credit cards and creating financial stress. You’ll find many different pricing options for this retreat because YOU deserve to be a part of this. We strongly recommend booking in groups to save the most money… and who doesn’t want to go to Costa Rica with their besties anyway?!?

(Payment plans are also available and encouraged so that you can plan ahead and prepare for an awesome time without the burden of the bill.)