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Three years ago, stationed in Korea as a metal fabrication mechanic in the air force, I began my quest for the new me. My brother and I were raised in Florida by our mom. I never had the opportunity to meet my dad. My school years were filled with comparison opportunities. Me in my Wal-Mart clothes, and the other kids dressed in their expensive brand names, I felt left out. I was petite with scrawny arms and legs. My friends called me “two by four.” My inner voice began then. It said, “Your body is not right. You are flawed.”

Fast forward to 20. I am in Korea in the military and had found a new low. My inner voice had been beating me up. Desperate for something to better myself as a person, I stumbled upon Meghan Currie’s yoga videos while surfing YouTube. Mesmorized by her agility, my voice said, “You’ll never be able to do what she does.” But, as it turns out, that voice was wrong. Now 23, this Millennial mother of a sweet baby boy, and military wife is a strong, lean accomplished, mostly balanced yogini.

Since those online video days, I have become a regular practitioner. I incorporate yoga into the pulse and pace of every day. It makes me feel better mentally and physically. I don’t have the most curvaceous or “sexiest” body. I do have a small frame with small assets and skinny limbs. I do have stretch marks on my stomach and hips and weird pointy ribs. But these “flaws” that played with my self-esteem and made me madly insecure, no longer rule my inner thoughts. Yoga has given me this. I beat myself up way less now and don’t spend near the hours comparing myself to other bodies that I found attractive.

Diving into my regular home yoga practice for the past three years, I am now able to love my body for what it is. I finally found a way to be content with my physique. My body is strong. It is loyal. It is unique. It bends when I ask it to, and at times has incredible control. My body is beautiful the way it is.

We all need to love our bodies and find what is beautiful in them. No matter how tall or short, round, thin or curvy… You are all amazing! So take that, inner voice!

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