Behind Our Scenes

One question we consistently hear – “What exactly is YoGoGirls?”.

Online May 17 a short TAKE HOLD film highlighting YoGoGirls should help give you some of our perspective. We are two friends who, in our midlife found one another and have made this portion of our paths the best yet by indulging our creative talents on a regular basis. Creative people will understand how vital it is to consistently engage their imagination. We get to for fun and recently for a portion of our living.

Crafting with the lens and keyboard, YoGoGirls intends to embolden others to rise to their highest calling.  We enjoy the process of this creative outlet… of coming up with the setting, costuming, postures and quippy messages for each of our Instagram or Facebook posts. We have recently delved more into videos as well, and have a silly fun cycling video planned for this weekend, and a second in our Sporting Sporty Hair series featuring 2 of our friends next week. Stay tuned.

We thought we’d help answer identity questions by taking you behind the scenes in yesterday’s shoot. Excited by the chromatic look of Onzie‘s new yoga wear, we thought Laumeier Sculpture Park with its “living laboratory where artists and audiences explore the relationship between contemporary art and the natural environment” would be the perfect shoot location. So we met just before sunset at this park in a suburb of St. Louis with the intention of getting a few cool shots on some of the huge structures there. Well, to our surprise all the sculptures had new signs posted stating to KEEP OFF, NO CLIMBING, etc. etc. We understand. The artists want their art preserved. (Although, why you would create a piece of art shaped like a stage and/or a bench and then ask that no one get near it had us a tad confused.) But we reluctantly respected all the new rules.

debby-yogogirls-photo-shoot-scoutingSo we shot some in front of the art and headed into the nearby woods and climbed on the handrails of the walkways instead! (No signs there yet.) This image is Debby pointing out sunlight cascading through the tall oaks onto a mulch walkway, making for a perfect posing location. Just then Michelle suggests she turn around and smile so she could focus the lens right where Debby is standing. Michelle’s photo idea – a backbend between the handrails – is on our Facebook now. The standing splits pose in the sun draped woods on our Instagram.

wanderlust tix button

We love sharing our creative play with you and would be tickled to have you join us for either upcoming Wanderlust Yoga Festival we’ll be documenting. We are giving away two tickets to Wanderlust 108 in KC May 21 and will soon be announcing our ticket give away for Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass. The Wanderlust 108 Kansas City tickets will be selected May 13 and the winner announced on our social media May 14.

Thank you for all of your love, comments, likes, follows and for sharing yourself with us. We gather so much of our creative energy from you and appreciate you being with us in this part of our lives’ journey.

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