Bend and Mend

By Chelsea Benjamin instagram @boucles25

When I first discovered yoga, I was a heartsick 19 year old looking to distract myself from my first heartbreak. I was so lost. I prayed for a way out; a way to undo the rejected and worthless feelings that consumed me.

I had tight shoulders that hunched over, protecting my heart. I had tight hips that made me cry in pigeon pose in my first-ever yoga class. And I had hamstrings that were wound as tightly as my nerves. I unrolled my mat. It changed my life.

Yoga quickly became my new routine. I knew early on that it was something I would not just try and give up on, like basketball, swimming, running, and ice-skating.  A few weeks in, lying in savasana after a particularly challenging class, I felt myself drift away from my worries. I felt my heart burst open. My broken thoughts of my former love shifted to compassion and unconditional love. I’d made a leap. This shift in my heavy heart was a huge moment for me. I recognized the power yoga had to heal. I became a lifer.

Since then I’ve found compassion and an increasingly open heart through rolling out my mat. Yoga has provided me an outlet to face my fears and let them go. There are still those days I start to close my heart again. And yoga is the place where I let the light back in.

My regular yoga practice helped heal me.


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