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BY YOGOGIRLS reports that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. Let’s change this. Our bodies are amazing because of what they do for us each day. Let’s rejoice in the fact that we can stand, sit, walk, practice yoga, ride bikes, dance, skip, and all the things we ask of our soul-carrying, skin-covered, physical beings.

Some of you reading this are already stating something in your head in regard to your body or Michelle and my bodies and how we display them on social media. Not only do you have feelings about your body, you have an opinion of others’ bodies and it is based on your personal choices and beliefs, media’s influence, and how you feel about your own body. Let’s all shift the self-talk about ourselves to that of the 9%. Let’s all become those women who are happy with their body and incorporate the empowering wisdom of loving our spirit vessels into our daily presence.

However you are thinking right now, we invite you to take this moment and ask yourself this question:

What do I like best about my body?


We began this conversation, asking many of our friends to become a part of our collection of affirmative body statements. It’s a start. If you’d like to be added (this list will continue to evolve), please email to be included. The list is in order received.


The thing I like best about my body is…

I love my nose!!!

~ Jeni Ure Bailey


It’s strength.  That wouldn’t have been my answer a year ago. Hell not even six months ago. You have to show up for yourself.

~ Lynzey Jennings


I have great boobs. lol

~ Becky Schoenberg


I have found that I am happier about my body when I focus on how it feels as opposed to how it looks, what size I’m wearing, or the number on the scale. One thing about my body that I like is how exhilarated it feels after a rigorous yoga practice, a long bike ride, or a lengthy tennis match. One of my favorite things about yoga is that we are encouraged to honor our bodies and express gratitude for its abilities throughout the practice.

~ Jennifer Payne


My favorite thing about the human body is its ability to heal and regenerate even after extreme trauma. It’s amazing to think about how resilient the physical body is.

~ Lauren K. Milano


The power the body can create!

~ Kristen Mullins


I like how well my body communicates with me. A friend once said “the body never lies”. For example, I feel so much space within, before, during, and after our YTT sessions together.

~ JoAnn Marie


My favorite part of the body is the brain. It can transduce physical stimuli like sights and sounds into invisible and intangible entities of the mind. Likewise, we can affect the brain with thoughts and feelings to change physiologically.

~ Kristin West


I love that if I listen to my body it talks to me. I love how mechanical it is that each body part has a relationship with another part or other parts. Everything is connected. My body tells me when something is good for me and when it’s not. It really amazing.

~ Kimberly Keller Johnson

My small waist. My smile.

~ Meredith Goette

My arms from GYROTONIC!

~ Anne Thomasson


I love that my body shows up for me when I ask it to. Especially in child birth and triathlons! ha.

~ Debby Siegel


~ Charlotte D’Alfonso

I guess my back.

~ Jill Coates

My legs.

~ Emily Ward

That it is strong, reliable and feeling.

~ Michelle Thomas

My Eyes.

~ Cara Schloss

My brain. My eyes. My smile. I also like that I am strong. I have always been physically strong. I’m muscular. There’s some fat over that, but underneath, I’m a powerhouse.

~ Amy Abraxas

I love how strong my body is and how she continues to get stronger with age. We take care of each other.

~ Karen Proper

How strong and resilient it is… much stronger and more resilient it is than we believe it to be!

~ Kim Winn

My hair!

~ Sarah Dharamraj-Stein

I guess I’d say my curves. And height. I hated being tall when I was younger, but as I get older I’m grateful for it.

~ Aimee Christine

I love my smile. I love that I have 2 arms and 2 legs and can use them to move around and live life!

~ Claire Barresi

I like that it is strong and flexible.

~ Jacquelin Thornberry

I like that my body quickly shows the results of doing yoga, and the mindfulness it brings.

~ Jill Breen

My big ol’ booty.

~ Allison Kirschbaum

I like all the things my body can do for me. All the cells in my body work very hard to function and heal me, and together, they make the intelligent, beautiful, and complex body and personality that are me.

~ Ande Siegel (Debby’s daughter!!!)

I love that my body is unique only to me. I wouldn’t change anything.

~ Natalie Piontek

I can beat it up, recover pretty damn quick, and the next day it takes more to beat it up again.

~ Jesse Shotland

It’s ability to carry me through to finishing an Ironman!

~ Dawnya Gebhard

When I train and fuel my body it’s amazing what my body and mind can do together. My body gives me the confidence that I need because my mind knows what I have prepared it for.

~ Julie Ellis

It is ever changing. It changes as I need it to in order to stay healthy and it tells me what it needs. Further more, it has the ability to change as I work to change it, supporting me physically, mentally and emotionally.

~ Mo Taylor

I like that my body is made to love. I have arms to hug, lips kiss, soft places to cuddle, shoulders to cry on, a strong back to help carry your burdens, an open heart to feel and share your emotions. It looks different every day, it functions differently every day. But these things are constant, and I love that.

~ Robin Romero

I like that my body has and still is the mover and shaker that it is. I have played hard most of my life and I learned at a very young age about my healthy edge and how to ride it. Now of course that edge is a little smaller and tighter than it was but I’m still kicking ass. All of those amazing little bits and pieces, large muscle groups and all that fascia fascinate me!

~ Sherry Titanium Eckert

My ass is fantastic.

~ Madeline Claire

My body has shown me what strength and loyalty are. I love that it has never let me down. All the years I fed it a poor diet, all the days I cursed it for not looking the way I thought it should; and, all the times I’ve bruised, torn and broken it; it’s healed and survived and continued to function and allow me to do the things that I love to do. Now that I’ve finally begun to truly appreciate it, love it and take care of it, it is showing me just how strong we can be together.

~ Kimberly Ray

I’ll borrow robins reply. But my legs.

~ Sarah Elizabeth Ganger

I ditto what your daughter said..xo

~ Sohaila Danesh

I like that my body is strong and soft all at the same time. OH! And I have always liked my butt and my feet!

~ Mara Bruce

That even though I lost 40 pounds my boobs got bigger. God bless genetics. And Chantelle bras that go up to H.

~ Hilary Daniel Engelhardt

I’m grateful for my cute hands & feet because they function properly and make me money!

~ Gabrijela Stanze

What I love best is that it protects and shuttles my noggin around so that I can see, taste, feel, hear, smell and touch how much larger than me the world is. And I hear I have a nice rack (that’s what they’re called, right?)– a rack that nurtured and fed two amazing human beings.

~ Cummins Blansett Candice

I was thinking in simple terms: fingers (and creative brain)… the perfect tools to make incredible meals for exhuberant parties with friends and family; fingers (and a caring heart)… to nurture and heal my 3 children and husband; fingers (аnd strong will and abdomen)… to pull me up a high rope course despite one broken foot; fingers (and inquisitive eyes) … to make beautiful art out of clay; fingers (and tenacious energy)… to make something out of nothing while developing a rewarding business. Bottom line for me: I am really lucky to have my chubby, tireless, caring, ingenious, tender loving fingers that make my world go round.

~ Maya Kefalov

Its ability to create. My body created lives of two beautiful humans (with some help from my husband). My body alone grew, nourished my babies while sustaining my own nourishment and growth. Skin cells shed to give way to newer, plumper skin cells that keep me looking young. My hair does this too. My body has transformed into shapes to accommodate my needs in every endeavor. Allowing me to be who I am in that moment. In the winter I become thicker to keep myself warm. In the summer I become leaner so I may move faster and keep cool. The creativity of my body is endless.

~ Stephanie Kinney

I love that my body has no “imperfections”, simply things that make me special, unique, and beautiful. Freckles, stretch marks, birth marks, cellulite, all tell the story of each of our individual journeys on this earth and give us character. The most beautiful things a person can have (physically speaking) are lines by their mouth and eyes, expressing how much they have loved, laughed, and given happiness to those around them.

~ Joe Phipps

I love my legs the best because they’ve carried me through some tough times. When my mind is full of negativity or sadness and my wants to sit and mope, my legs tell me it’s time to get up and get moving.
~ Mary Ann Russum
I love my Lisa Left Eye scar under my eye I got running while I was still nursing Ben. I’d tell you they stitched it with no novcaine. I love my weird indents in my eyelids because they are the same as my dads. I love my c-section scars and my outie belly button from babies. I love my toenails that grown up instead of out from so many miles. I love everything I can do because of what I’ve done. And I don’t love anyone who doesn’t love those things about me.

~ Rebecca Berkeley Brown

I love my feet! They aren’t pedicure pretty but they are tough, strong and cute in their own “little piggy” way. They ground me, transport me whether walking, running, dancing or balancing on one leg, they are wonders of engineering that I am in awe of. My feet are beautiful!

~  Rebecca Stark

It can feel. It has the ability to laugh and cry. Hurt and love. Anger and compassion.
~ Meghan Dittemore

How it moves. I marvel at the vast range of motion and shape combinations that are available to experience within the structure of my anatomy. That there is a world of beauty inside that is made tangible by embodying emotion in a physical form.

~ Christine Kick

I think what I like best about my body right now is how I’ve figured out how to use my breath to soothe myself when I’m anxious. Or, at least, it’s what I’m most grateful for with my body.

~ Elle Potter Brodsky

Let’s keep this list growing. Not only with more women contributing, but with continued positive reflections on ourselves. Continue to appreciate the top thing(s) that came to mind. Continue to appreciate your body. Your whole body. Let’s begin this revolution. Let’s show our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, great nieces, cousins, sisters, mothers, and all women how to love themselves regardless of what the world around us projects.

We also noticed in collecting these body positive statements from women, that some used collective voice and didn’t make the statement about their own body. It seems like we’ve been taught this too, to defer and disperse our personal compliments. I’m not judging these women; merely pointing out how much society has influenced the way we feel and talk about our own being. It’s time to be ok in our skin. It’s time to like and love ourselves, and all our parts. It’s time.

Please take a moment to appreciate all your anatomy does for you, and find the good in this physical shape you are living and learning in. Please.

We love you. Thank you to each of you for participating.


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