Creating Sacred Space

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No matter who you are, no matter your age, health, or your occupation; everyone benefits from meditation. However, many people – myself included – find the lengthy concentration part a challenge. Allocating the time to just sit and be and not focus on anything? Wha? It’s 2016. I’ve got my Instagram family responding to my feed to check on my watch in between FaceTiming my kid at camp, self-checking at the grocery, studying, working, picking weeds and a whole slew of other forms of adulting to attend to. Time and space that is sacredly held for just me and my spiritual nourishment? Yes, even for us… there is help.

We can improve our ability to focus in meditation by creating a space held solely for this purpose. To create your sacred meditation space, intentionally choose the location and all you place in it.  Your sacred space will be uniquely you. It should reflect what is powerful in your story. What calms you. What draws you inward and closer to what’s in your heart.

Use décor, lighting, pillows, sculptures, altars, furniture, photos, candles and anything you find that will help you tangibly connect to a safe space of calming energy. Summon the healing power of nature by bringing in any piece of nature to which you connect deeply. If sounds of the ocean are meaningful and help you connect, then include them. If you have something you made in Shop class (aka Industrial technology for the younger set), and it resonates with that younger version of you – the one that was less tainted by the layers added onto him/her by the world – then by all means, add it to your area you are building for the purpose of spending quiet time meditating.

earth mandala morning altarHere are some items that you may want to consider including in your meditation area, but please just use this list as a guide and be certain to include items in your sacred space that speak to you:

  • A cushion
  • A mat or rug
  • Plants
  • Stones
  • Crystals
  • Sand
  • Pinecones
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Stringed lights

When entering your personalized sacred space, leave behind the affairs of your bustling life and enter a quiet inner-world where healing can take place and your burdens can be lightened. Begin your meditation in this comfortable, divine space. And send us photos of what you create! We’d love to see what you’ve done for your Self:



The YoGoGirls photos in this article include some sacred spaces we have experienced just this month!  We crafted one of sticks and flowers on a table in a park. The next image is our friend Tim Dewitt at Yoga Six’s Yoga Teacher Training altar, where each teacher-in-training supplied personal items for our space. We begin our training classes with chanting meditations sung to the harmonium around this altar. The good vibrations begin our sessions and permeate the day. The last photo is from the Morning Altars Earth Mandala created by Day Schildkret at Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass. Comprised of locally-foraged items, Day expanded upon this Earth mandala daily over the weekend-long yoga and music festival. See more of his work on or @MorningAltars.

For more ideas on creating your sacred meditation space, visit YoGoGirls’ Pinterest Board: Sacred Space.

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