Exercise. You’re Right!

YoGoGirls Editor


The reason we are YoGoGirls, not Yogagirls? Our passions for fitness lie in many forms. In addition to our regular yoga practice, we cycle, climb, hike, paddleboard, swim, and Michelle runs, while Debby sorta jogs.

At any rate, staying consistently active in our mid-40s keeps us young. And while exercise is paramount to our lives, so is sustainable living. For these reasons and more, we most often opt to commute by bicycle – the fuel-free mode of transportation. So imagine our delight to find a company like Boo Bicycles, who makes its bicycles out of bamboo! We got to play on one of their cyclocross bikes this weekend in Colorado.

Not only is bamboo a very renewable resource, it offers a perfect structure for engineering bikes. According to Nick Frey, founder of Boo, bamboo is incredibly stiff – a result of its dense and fibrous vascular bundles – and excellent at damping high-frequency vibration. This particular ride was a blend of bamboo and carbon, both brilliant materials for bike frames. All this technical jargon aside, this bicycle kicked it on the road and mountains of this magnificent state.

If you are looking to stay vibrant and active throughout your life, try cycling. If renewable resources are important to you, then check out a bamboo bicycle. With a stiff, lively ride that is also supple and compliant, riding on bamboo will allow you to have your cake and eat it too, literally.



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