Finding the Light

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Brittany is a kind follower of YoGoGirls, and she bares her soul in this post about her path. We hope by sharing it, we are a conduit for more positive stories.

The darkness engulfed me.  I hit my all time low and was lost in all of the madness.  Sex and drugs were all I cared about, it didn’t matter how or where I found it, I was going to get what I wanted.  There were times that I didn’t think I would live, times where I didn’t want to live any longer.

I thought I had ruined my life and the relationships with the ones that I loved.  I had already been through rehab and anger management, nothing was helping because I was being forced.  Than one day I literally opened my eyes to see what I was doing to myself.  I remember practicing yoga in 9th and 10th grade during track practice.  We had it a few times a week and I thought nothing of it,  I wasn’t aware of the power of yoga back than.  It wasn’t until I was searching for something to pull me out of the darkness when I finally realized that yoga was magic, literally magic.  I decided to go buy a yoga mat, after seeing something on television about the power of yoga practice, and that was the day that my life begun to change.  Yoga saved me from myself. It showed me the light, the path to happiness and positivity.

I started to practice at home a couple of times a week and after about a year finally picked up a few classes at the community college near me.  The instructor, Holly, showed me why yoga was love, why yoga was going to continue to change my life and mold me into the person I am today.  I found meditation and pranayama, and started to live a yogic life.  It wasn’t about the physical practice for me, it was about how I felt mentally and spiritually.  I was finally waking up happy to be alive.  I knew that I had a purpose in life.  My relationships with my loved ones were better, I even got my GED and started taking college courses.  I felt amazing!

Here I am eight years later, I have taken my physical, mental, and spiritual practices to another level.  I started an instagram about two years ago and found even more fun in my yoga practice.  I started to practice inversions on a daily basis, teach volunteer classes, and set a positive example for others through social media.

September of this year I begun my journey to become a yoga teacher. I want to be able to show others that there is something else out there besides the darkness.  We can all find the light together.  I am grateful for the knowledge and the chance to show others the path to a happier life and can not wait to see what else yoga will teach me as the days go by.

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