So you rented a yoga towel for class and when you were down-dogging you noted a slightly pungent aroma wafting from its surface? This smell reminds you of your boyfriend’s hockey / running / cycling (insert sport) clothes and jock and you are now distracted from that zen place to which this class was intended to bring you. The fact is, activewear and most yoga fabrics are made of technical materials used specifically for repelling water, which is exactly what you want them to do when you’re sweating all over yourself, but not when you’re trying to wash them. So cleaning these items can present a challenge.

YoGoGirls is here to report we have done the research and tested various options for removing said stench and are happy to share that we’ve successfully de-odorized a towel or two of our own, and perhaps a tri kit and some other stinky stuff we discovered.

We have been told of the powers of Borax – that stuff your grandma used to use. It’s actually still available on grocery store shelves. We’ve heard a vinegar solution, baking soda too. And we’ve been told of and tried out Oxy Clean.

Well… the winner from these options turns out to be vinegar.

Before you wash your yoga fabrics, soak them in the sink with one part white vinegar to four parts cold water. Leave them soaking for about 30 minutes, then clean in the washing machine. You can add a little white vinegar to the wash too, if you think they need it.

Also, try to wash them soon after sweating in them, but if you’re unable to get them into a wash cycle just after wearing your activewear, at least hang them on the side of the basket, not thrown into it in a wet clump in it. And if possible, try drying your workout clothes using the power of the sun. The sun’s rays are a natural bacteria deterrent, so hanging your clothes out to dry will help keep them fresh as a daisy, like you!


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