Uncomfortably Comfortable

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It’s 2015, the start of another year in your life. What will you choose to do with this one? Did you make a resolution? Did you keep last year’s?


With each exchange of the calendar, we are given a whole new 365 days to choose who we want to become. And each new day is an opportunity to grow as humans. But growth can be uncomfortable, something new, frightening even.


Human development is a lifelong process of physical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional growth and change. We can continue to assimilate new portions of ourselves at any age. Or not. We also have the opportunity to stay comfortably stagnant. To continue with the status quo, do what’s been done. Either is acceptable. And either even expectable. But growth is so fulfilling as an evolving species. From the first time you sat up as an infant and saw the world from this whole new vertical perspective, you knew that growing was important. The momentum of improvement when we’re young and inhibition-free propels us. But along the way, we find obstacles to continuing at a steady, fast rate. YoGoGirls to the rescue!


Michelle and I started YoGoGirls over a year ago now with some understanding of how we affect others in our daily lives. But the way this blog and accompanying social media has gifted us with opportunities to help others get outside their comfort zones is immeasurably immense. It is our hope that through YoGoGirls, we are able to show people the “whole new perspective” like those infancy leaps. We want to help women (and now men on YoGoGuys) choose to try something new, something challenging, something that may in turn inspire others to do the same.


In 2014, we invited many fellow yogis and athletes to try new poses, hang from crazy places, bare their bodies in new ways, and even helped disabled athletes explore new sports. Our hope for you in 2015: That you have multiple opportunities to expand your world. That you are able to experience that fearless growth pace that reconnects you to the youthful you. That you find out more about you this year, and that you like it. That at least on one occasion this year, you face fear and remember our motivational words, and you conquer it. And when you do, please write us about it. We love hearing about others’ growth.


Like our friend, Bianca Jade.

She wrote of her experience with YoGoGirls. Read about it on her blog. MizzFit



































Thank you for including us in your life. We look forward to 2015 together, and our own personal growth. Namaste.

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