Hang Time Heros!


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Like the brave settlers of long ago, those adventurous people who traversed the seas in search of more, of better, of new, I headed west this week & discovered a form of yoga I’ve not yet seen in person, nor tried. And much like my forefathers, my destiny was the result of a mishap – a lateness of arrival to my original “free” location if you will. My Google Magellan lead me to this new territory. And like the Spanish spice island seekers, my life was changed by it. For I discovered hanging yoga at The Yoga Hangout.

Hanging yoga (or as their schedule calls it – Primal Hang) entails practicing yoga in harnesses that are toggle-hooked into bamboo walls. Literally climbing the walls for yoga! We used the harness system to support our lower bodies in everything from forward folds to down dogs to child’s pose & even savasana. The list of evident benefits seemed to expand like my spine while hanging inverted from these magical straps. Weightless, I could feel gravity expanding the connective tissue in my compressed runner’s backbone.


And that’s not all. The apparatus gave my core a serious strengthening too. My newbie neighbor & I explored our edges with elevated planks that would’ve made the queen of Spain proud. If you’re searching for a yoga experience unlike any before – one that will expand your horizons – I encourage you to seek out a hanging yoga class on a yoga wall. I know my next trip(s) to the west will include it. Unless, some brave pioneer builds one here in St. Louis.


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