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Yoga is personal. While we understand that the most common western version is about connecting breath to movement, yoga really takes on its own definition for each individual practitioner. That is the best part! As we study more deeply about the culture and philosophies of yoga, it is evident that the benefits are numerous and that anyone can practice… ANYONE!

This particular yogini has been immersed in a physical asana practice for just over three years and very recently began exploring the more spiritual aspects of yoga life. The savasana made me do it. Each time I ended a class with minutes of quiet stillness – post my body having been wrung out with great stretches – I began experiencing a serenity not proffered often to single, business-running, middle-aged moms. The clarity of those moments changed me. For at least 6 months post divorce, I would seriously look forward to these opportunities to just be. (I cried in each one for all 6 months.) I still practice for the savasana. It has improved my sense of observation, perception and expression. I feel more balanced in my approach to my days as a result. The way I experience the complexities of life and how I react to them has been forever altered into a more even keel, balanced, optimistic version. I will always practice yoga as a result. And this propels me to explore more opportunities to find this relaxed state, called meditation.

I did so this past weekend at a Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation with Mark Biehl, CSTC at Shanti Yoga Studio in Maplewood. I’ve known about singing bowls use as a quintessential aid to meditation and how they are found in yoga studios, on Buddhist altars, and in temples, monasteries and meditation halls throughout the world. And I’m quite familiar with how a metal concert can vibrate and rock this groupie girl’s core. So I tried it. I will not recap my personal experience here, mainly because I was so immersed I could not bring myself to concentrate on what I should/would write about it. I will only say, if you are in a place in your life where you are seeking more harmony, deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages, try a Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation and chanting event near you.

The pure sonic waves that ring from singing bowls wake up your ability to hear with more than your ears. My personal experience with this vibrational relaxation technique only made me want more. The deep tones that synced me to the floor and took away any outside thought were enough to convince me of the merit of this powerful medium for inner connection.

So, from this rocker groupie girl turned yoga evangelist, I say give it a whirl. Try singing bowl meditation. Let us know what you think. we’d love to hear about your higher vibrations: debby@yogogirls.com.

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