International Women’s Day!

Society has placed so many expectations on us as women. Let’s break the rules.

Let’s obliterate that box.

Let’s collect monumental moments, not debt for things like designer handbags.

Let’s start each day approving of ourselves, accepting all of our body.

Let’s dance in the moonlight and drink the air of the woods.

Let’s put aside the comparisons and find beauty in each other.

Let’s be examples of unmitigated love for all generations.

Let’s put our oxygen masks on first.

Let’s hold space for all sisters, even those who have our same job titles.

Let’s gaze at the stars.

Let’s begin each day with gratitude for life.

Let’s smile at strangers.

Let’s smell the flowers.

Let’s hug more.

Let’s swing on the swings and slide down the slides and laugh at ourselves.

Let’s eat chocolate. Lots of  c h o c o l a t e.


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