When it comes to evolution, I think I have the first basic concepts right.


First, evolution is a slow, gradual process, with small milestones along the way. I am pretty patient with myself. Check.
Two, you have to start with an idea, a pebble of sorts, that will roll down the hill to create an avalanche. And I actually have no shortage of new goals I set for myself. Check two.


But unfortunately, my buddy Ben’s insight of, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration,” is what trips me up every time.

It is not that I am lazy. It is quite the opposite. I just have too many goals going at once. How can any of them get 99 percent? At this moment my list consists of no fewer than two book ideas, a seminar I want to speak at, three new business ideas, one blog, one website, a new product idea and invention for animal lovers.


I almost think I should disqualify myself from this evolve project.


BUT, the reason I am writing is because there is one redeeming project that I have done in the past couple years that I have managed to stick with.


I think it is because it comes from a place that is true and real, and like my other buddy Oprah says, when you follow your true self, it will happen for you (oh, that’s another goal, get on Oprah…)


It started because I wanted a way to record everything memorable or cute my toddler was saying, and instead of some notebook that I would inevitably lose track of, I turned to my most favorite invention, Twitter.


First Daughter:
Second Daughter, just starting!:

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