Labyrinth Peace Ceremony

Wednesday, November 23, 2016  |  4:00p – 5:15p


Possibility • Peace • Calmness • Balance

These are words people use to describe their feelings after walking the paths of a labyrinth. Labyrinths have been traced back 4000 years and are a tool for unwinding the mind and letting go of stress, worries, and concerns. This is why so many hospitals, prisons, universities, and churches have installed them. They can assist people in arriving at a place of peace or relaxation. One simply enters a labyrinth, following the path to the center, pausing, then walking the winding path back out. Walking a labyrinth can release patterned behavior, thoughts, and feelings of various sorts. It can “untorque” or unwind you. As you release old patterned energy through the moving meditation, the alignment of your body may shift or straighten into a greater spiritual alignment, assisting your consciousness to a place of peace and calmness.

A friend recently opened a labyrinth in honor of her son at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Together on Thanksgiving Eve, we will walk the paths of the Robert N. Kohn Memorial Labyrinth at Missouri Baptist Medical Center to foster some much-needed peace and calmness, to re-center our minds and souls.

We will do so to the soft sounds of live music on the guitar, the harmonium and the sweet harmonious voices of Christine Kick, Kat Jai Chand Saltarelli, Jill Duncan & Ande Siegel.

We will hear connecting words delivered by Sheila Pride. Words of peace and love.

We will gather around the outside after completing the labyrinth, hold hands and spend time hugging, collectively gaining the oxytocin boosts that 20 second hugs offer. Stone Kraushaar speaking on the benefits of hugging.

This guided ceremony is for everyone feeling restless with uncertainty and in need of some soothing experiences. We will be filming the event for Robert Kohn’s family and in hopes that it may have an even broader reach with its message of gathering together to support and love one another.

This ceremony will flow with soft messages of peace, with only peace and love as its mission.

Calm your mind and soul the night before Thanksgiving. Gather with community and find connection to friends. Let’s raise positive vibrations together.

DIRECTIONS to the Robert N. Kohn Memorial Labyrinth: Take I-64/40 to Ballas. Head south on Ballas to Country Aire Dr. (It’s a street light and not the first entrance to Missouri Baptist Hospital.) Turn right heading west into the hospital. The labyrinth is a few hundred feet up on the left. Parking lot on the right. You will be given a flameless candle when you arrive.  As you walk the labyrinth, you’ll place your candle at its center while you pause. You’ll then walk out and add to the circle of people surrounding the labyrinth, and join them holding hands.

For more details about the structure of this event, or any announcements regarding it, visit the Facebook Event Page. Please arrive by 4 pm.

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