After I ran my first marathon in October 2012, of course the first question everyone asked was, “When are you going to run another one?”
The short answer was, “I’m not sure”, but I knew I had to have a new goal for 2013.


I decided I would shift away from a full marathon in 2013 and instead, focus on half marathons. My 2013 goal would be to PR
each of my half marathons. Because I couldn’t stop at “regular” goals, I also set BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).


The rundown…


When: February 17
BHAG: 2:30
How I Did: 2:20:11, a PR of 15:00
When: June 15
BHAG: 2:15
How I Did: 2:12:38, a PR of 7:30
And now I’m working toward Half #3, the Fort Myers Beach Half Marathon
When: November 10
BHAG: 2:05
Going from 2:12 to 2:05 is a big goal, so I need to have a clear cut plan as to how I’m going to get there.
My plan of attack from September 3 to November 10:
1. A training plan devised by my friend and expert coach, Dave. The plan includes tempo runs, speed work, long runs, cross training and yoga. I’ve always been a long run, cross-training and yoga kind of girl but the speed work will be new for me.
2. A change in what I put into my body. No gluten, dairy or [refined] sugar. I’m not really concerned about eliminating gluten or dairy [I’ve nixed gluten before and don’t eat a lot of dairy to begin with] but the sugar is going to be so so so hard.
And that’s it – pretty simple but focused. And I’m EXCITED! Please stay tuned for how Fort Myers turns out!

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