Meditation, the Game Changer

a fellow Instagram yogi explains her evolutionary experience of meditation

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Legs folded in Padmasana, hands at my heart. Closing my eyes I bring my focus to my breath, cool air flows slowly through my nose as I give thanks for the opportunity to come back to the present. Meditation has had a major impact on my life. I began meditating as part of my yoga practice and have discovered that like myself, at first, most people find meditation difficult, boring, and sometimes frustrating. When I first began meditating I would set an alarm for ten minutes and would constantly be checking to see how much longer I had left. Every few breaths I would lose my focus and find myself thinking about my day, plans I might have later, and things that had bothered me in the past. Bringing my attention back to my breath again and again, I eventually found myself able to sit for longer periods of time without being bombarded by distracting thoughts or signals from my body such as an itchy shoulder or feet that had fallen asleep. Over time I have been able to delve more deeply into myself and discover veils of illusion. I have been able to come to terms with past regrets and feel at peace about circumstances that are no longer in my control. Meditation has allowed me to slow down and focus on a broader picture, gaining more perspective as well as the ability to create space between when I receive information and my reaction. Although I more regularly practice mindfulness meditation, focusing on the breath and accepting thoughts as they flow through my mind, I have found that I truly enjoy heart-centered meditations as well.

When you meditate on the heart center your focus turns to compassion and sending healing vibes to all of creation. Turning your energy outward for the betterment of others creates an ecstatic joy that can only be described as bliss. As your heart chakra opens you begin to feel a connectedness to all beings and an overwhelming sense of appreciation and gratitude for the present moment. There is a release of stress as you forget about the past and future and come into the ‘now’ where all of life exists. My time spent in sitting meditation has helped me view life with more clarity and ease. I strive to meditate every day, even if it’s just for ten minutes. In that short amount of time I am able to settle into my body and breathe away the stress of the day. One moment of gratitude can bring immense healing, and one moment of compassionate thought can change your life.


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