It recently occurred to me that some of the opinions that I formed when I was ten years old hold true. I still think peanut butter and banana sandwiches are the shizz, adults don’t always know best, cootie-catchers are all knowing, and skipping is absolutely exhilarating!
There are even larger concepts my ten year old brain analyzed and formed opinions around.

I’m realizing that in many instances, I agree with my ten year old self’s opinions.
One morning recently, I was smearing mascara all over my eye lashes, and I vividly remembered when I was 10 years old, declaring: “I will never wear mascara because it makes you look old and ugly”.
Side note: I know that several of my talented and beautiful friends would disagree with me, but perhaps they know how to work that applicator wand better than I can. However, I still see a lot of women with the same problem I have: layering copious amounts of mascara, leaving clumps of black around their eyes.
I’ve never been able to master the art of creating the perfect cat eye and that’s not likely to change.
The second thing that occurred to me is that I wanted to be Olivia Newton John. She was the FOXIest girl ever!!  The perfect combination of the girl next door and sexy vixen wearing a skintight black cat suit in Grease. She was also a bad ass workout queen rocking leg warmers and a boss headband surrounded by sweaty men in her “Let’s Get Physical” video.


I find now that I’m still working on my inner Olivia: Fearless, Feminine, Adventurous, Sexy and Sweet. I’m not sure that I will ever be as cool as her but I’m trying every day.
Lastly, my 10 year old self loved the freedom of riding my pink sparkle, banana seat bike. I spent hours on the dirt roads practicing the perfect “one foot on the seat and one leg in the air behind me” stunts. I grew up with my share of gashes and bruises, but when you’re a kid you don’t feel the pain, you revel in it.

I’m still crazy about riding my bike. The freedom of speeding as fast as you can on a dirt trail with your heart racing, then coasting downhill to recover gives me some sort of Zen lightness that I don’t often experience, even during yoga.
More than just a few of my beliefs have transformed over the years, but my 10 year old self was pretty true to who I am today and that is just fine with me.

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