Pre and Post Natal Acro Yoga

Lizzy & Josh captured by YoGoGirls’ lens just days before giving birth, and again with their newborn on ABC News, Fox and People.

We have been intensely inspired by the acro duo, Josh Young and Lizzy Tomber since meeting them a couple years ago in an acro class. A year and a half later, we hired them to facilitate at our first SO FLY Yoga Festival. This couple who met each other while pairing up in an acro yoga class, have such energy and passion for their chosen profession, it is a joy to be in their presence. If they are coming to your town to teach this sport of connection, communication and playfulness, we implore you to put it on your calendar and go soak up some of their bubbly vibes. They have a tour now that includes everywhere from Oregon to Belgium. Check out their Events page or Facebook to find one of their acro clinics.


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