Agency “life” has been described as, ‘work hard, play hard’ for as long as I have been in the biz (longer than I prefer to mention). On the play side, I’ve experienced everything from pool tables to pinball machines, Cheez-It’s to M & M’s but my favorite perk has got to be taking my best friend to work!


A year ago when my family adopted Ryan, a big, actually giant, fluffy white poodle, we made a conscious decision to  make sure his days weren’t lonely at home while the kids were in school and I was solving world problems in the beer business. So, Ryan joins me each day at the office.


Ryan roams the office much of the day and is a welcomed part of the family by all (most). Some say it’s actually therapeutic and calming to have a dog around during the daily stress our work can create. But who cares what I think, right? A study conducted in 2012 says, “bringing your dog to work helps reduce stress and even boosts employee job satisfaction!”


Who knew! The truth is, it makes me happy to see my dog chillin’ while I prepare for a meeting or presentation.  He brings joy to the office and keeps it interesting most days.  And, did you know that the number of companies allowing dogs to come to work has more than tripled over the last few years? (ABC News.)


One note of caution, don’t pull a Meredith and forget to take your furry friend outside during the work day. They don’t care where they “go” – but your boss certainly does!

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