Shower Singers Unite!

Do you sing in the shower? How about your car? Next time you’re singing into the shampoo bottle, but mentally on an American Idol stage belting out some 80s station Motels, Prince, or your favorite show tune, know this – singing is like the perfect drug – it simultaneously soothes your nerves and elevates your spirits, and its effects are cumulative. If you go a step further and begin singing in a group, you’ll gain the added benefit of harmony with others too. Group singing begins with an intimate sound emanating from inside you. This sound is shared with a roomful of people making complimentary sounds, co-creating a harmonious connection, one of our most important basic human needs.

There are countless studies showing the physical effects of singing. It alters the mood-elevating chemicals, cortisol and oxytocin in the brain, even in the most mediocre singers. The biggest benefits for those who sing regularly – higher immune competence, lower stress levels and improved heart and lung health. Google it for the multitude of studies listing the rewards of singing. They’re out there all over this internet.

So we know there are physiological benefits, and connection through choirs and such. But why do you suppose we all attach songs to our life events? If we asked you to recall the song playing during your first dance, or when you met your partner, you’d recall it immediately, and likely now have. You know all the lyrics to what was popular on the radio when you were in high school. You likely have a favorite song and now probably even have one of these connected songs stuck in your head. (You’re welcome.) Our brains are wired to connect incidence to music. We believe this phenomenon is due to humans being completely made up of molecular vibrations. Music, through its vibrations, has the ability to modify our constantly vibrating molecular structures – our tissue, bones and organs. So music is literally in our bones!  (Note, scientists use words like “neural pathways” and “medial prefrontal cortex” in their reasoning. But we still gotta go with the music being in our bones.)

Another gift offered through singing is its ability to block out other thoughts. It is a meditative medium so to speak (or sing I guess). When you’re singing, you will not be thinking about your problems. Therefore, singing equals more stress relief. And because you have to breathe a little deeper to belt out a song, singing offers you some of the same relaxation and mind-clearing benefits as meditation.

So it’s clear that lifting up our voices is good for us. So let’s do this. One of YoGoGirls’ New Year’s Resolutions is to sing more, connect more to music. Join us on this journey if you wish. We’d love to hear about how singing and music have gifted you, or if you find any opportunities to sing collectively, let us know by emailing: And you’re welcome for that song you now have stuck in your head.

Open, Casual, No audition required Singing Groups in St. Louis:

Celia’s Yuletide Express


Audition Required Groups:

St. Louis County Community Chorus, Jan 10, 6:30p Auditions

St. Louis Chamber Chorus, Auditions in May & early June

Missouri Chorale Society, No audition required for those with a background singing in a chorale

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