Sleep Like a Teenager

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Thai massage. Have you tried it? Well those Thai chicks have had it figured out for over 3000 years ladies. I’m telling you. Think of this. You take your man to a Thai massage lesson (for lack of a better word, it is a class setting and you follow the leader) and during this 3-4 hours of basically foreplay, you get massaged and stretched! Win-win. Right?


Thai massage (also called Thai yoga massage) integrates movements for your whole body. Its rhythmic compressions increase blood circulation to muscles while generating a connecting experience for the massage practitioner and receiver. So again… win-win. Incidentally, Michelle and I learned to be the receiver second. So there’s a free tip from Yogogirls. If you give the massage first, you get to relax away at the end. And I mean sublime relaxation. Seriously. Everyone unanimously messaged me the next day with stories of how they slept solid that night… no small feat for adults in 2014.


Michelle and I chose to learn this ancient art form from renowned Thai Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Personal Wellness Chef, Jill Duncan LMT. Jill taught our group of four couples at Casa Bagus in St. Louis; a new, beautifully designed space filled with many new age wellness classes. The lighting and space were perfect. We started our evening with some Rockin’ Mockin’ Tuna and hummus appetizers from Seedz Cafe, a local plant-based restaurant. Jill began our session by lighting candles all around the room, and she’d lined the floor with mats covered in blankets and pillows for our massages. It was magical.


An important element of Eastern medicine is the concept of life force or energy. In Yogic terms, it is referred to as prana, in Chinese it is called chi, and in Thai it is called loom. All are referring to the principle of life force energy, which flows along specific channels throughout the body. Thai massage provides benefits by stimulating pressure points to open these energy pathways, allowing healing energy to flow freely.  And to let you sleep like you are a teenager again (except with more night sleep, less day).


I highly recommend putting Thai massage on your list of things to try. You will be glad you did and so will your inner teenager.


Next up, trapeze school. Michelle and I are going in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned for that action!

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