Don’t be afraid go it alone, it can lead some of the most memorable vacations you’ve ever experienced! I’ve been to many places out of the country without a travel partner and have always had a great time. Here are a few tips to use to submerge yourself with the locals and culture.

During my recent trip to Montreal I had a chance to get the true experience of what it was like to be a French-Canadian. No hotels, no tourist areas, no car rentals for this girl. What I wanted – and always strive for –  is what the true city is all about. What better way to do so, than to start by finding a great neighborhood?




On a budget? No problem! Two different sources I have used to stay locally are and Both have amazing opportunities, plenty of cool options and are a great way to meet the locals before you even get to your destination!


I chose on my Montreal trip and ended up in a great little light and airy apartment that was owned by my new friend Duncan and his girlfriend. For 130 bucks a night I had my own place in a quaint, safe neighborhood with great shops, restaurants, bars, yoga studios, and bike rentals – all within walking distance. You can even get great places for a lot less if you plan ahead. I needed a last minute place, so I paid a little more this time.


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I always use Yelp as a resource when I go somewhere new and pull up a map of the area I’m in. Then I search for the type of business I need and run a filter by ratings. You can’t go wrong having other locals reviewing the places for you.


Also, the other way I find great places and information is by talking to the locals. Head into the nearest watering hole to get the scoop on what’s good in the area. Everyone is always willing to give you recommendations if you just ask, and in the process you usually make some new friends! I always eat the bar of a restaurant. It’s more social and gives you the opportunity to talk to the bartenders and the folks around you. I got recommendations on a wonderful yoga studio, bike trail and shop Lolë by doing this.




People love to talk about their city and culture and in return they love to hear about yours as well. Next time you are itching to travel, don’t worry about going alone. It can be exciting, adventurous, and a cool way to travel! Try some of my tips and ideas and let me know your experiences!


By the way I highly recommend Montreal. It is the best of both worlds, combining Europe and the Americas! Everything was amazing!



Allison striking a pose in her new bad ass PRADA boots


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