Sporting Sporty Hair

So you’re an active girl and you want your hair to show pizzazz no matter the activity? We understand. So we asked our hair stylist to help us put together hair styles for the girl on the Go – aka the YoGoGirl!

We cover dos for the cyclist, climber and yoga enthusiast in this first video.

Our experience has taught us that cycling hair looks best in and out of a helmet with shaggy braids. So we asked Helen our hair stylist to demo that. Debby has noted that sport climbing, especially during rappelling, requires hair to be up and back out of the way of the ATC. So Helen added a modern twist on a pony tail for her, adding in some viking style braids, cuz, you know, climber chicks are badass viking types. And yoga hair. We all know there are magic spots on your head for keeping hair up and out of your face during inversions or shoulder stands and even in savasana. We have dreamt up many, but the side bun with twisty bangs clipped in, is our first Michelle chose to demo today.

The 49 second video…

Stay tuned for more sporty hairstyles in the future, as we demo swim hair, paddle boarding tresses, triathlete hair, cyclocross dos, and more yoga styles. Any sport we’ve left out? Please email us with suggestions:

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