Take a F.LO.A.T. Trip

YoGoGirls editor, stylist and silliness supplier

Photography by MICHELLE THOMAS YoGoGirls


Last night, by the light of the full moon, I took a vacation from my senses in a cocoon of salt water.  I went on a F.LO.A.T. trip in downtown St. Louis.

With all light removed, insulated from sound, and floating in a tank of Epsom salt-laden water while completely naked, I found serenity like none I’ve known.  Initially, my body took a bit to gain composure and fully relax in the weightlessness of the womblike orb.  But once there, it was uncanny how even the slightest sensation of my pinky toe touching the edge reminded me that I even possessed limbs at all.  I liken the state to an awake version of REM sleep. The only constant being the methodic rhythm of my breath. A daily yogini, this recognition is not foreign to me. Noting it in a vacuum of all distraction however is new and altogether refreshing.

yogogirls debby floatThe temperature seemed to be a factor for others I spoke to post float. However, my pod felt as though the water, the air and my body were all the same temp. Another reason this state of just being was so accessible to me. I was entirely connected to the moment. To nothing. Which, for an uber active, single mom, homeowner, who works online for a variety of small businesses and a second side business, “nothing” is pure bliss.  I signed up to float again on the next full moon. (This is just me. It’s open every day. I just like being in or near water during full moons.)

I encourage you to try this source for relaxation and centering. It’s called F.LO.A.T. (For. LOving. Antigravity. Timelessness.) and it’s on Locust in the creative district of St. Louis’ midtown alley near the new whiskey lounge Small Batch. You can learn more and book a 90-minute session online at floatingstl.com. I understand the owners discovered floating in Chicago and elsewhere, so please look it up if you’re reading this and are not in St. Louis. And I encourage you to let me know how you enjoyed your vacation. Mine of course came complete with vacation photos. Thank you Michelle, my amazingly kind friend and colleague for taking them.

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