Tending To Your Inner Garden



Ever thought of your Self as a garden?


Distracted by our roles and responsibilities to the outside world, we tend to forget about the need to take care of our beings, our Selves- our inner garden. What happens to a garden when no one waters the plants or pulls the weeds? The garden, along with its flowers and fruit trees, slowly begins to fade. But if you roll up your sleeves, give it water, and spend time de-weeding, it comes alive with vigor and thanksgiving.


Here are a few simple suggestions to help you tend to your Self:


* Pull the “weeds”: These are mindless actions which occupy your time, crowding your inner garden and suffocating its beautiful bounty. What am I talking about? Well, how about the 9 AM gossip session with your co-worker BFF? What about a ritualistic hour-long love fest with Facebook? And let’s not forget the daily Housewives fix before bedtime.

* Add mulch: Spend a few minutes a day doing something creative: take a photograph on your smart phone, doodle a flower in your notebook, learn how to write a haiku, and/or make that thing you saw on Pinterest.


* Fertilize: Before getting out of bed to start the day, silently acknowledge three of the many unique talents or abilities you posses. Feel thankful and proud for what you are about to share with the world.


* Water your garden: At lunch time indulge in your favorite treat from childhood. Try to rid your mind of urges to count calories or plan to do push-ups right after you finish. This is not the time! Let your Self be filled with joy and happiness – guilt-free!


* Hoe: On the way home from work listen to a song that brings you back to the time when you’ve felt free, happy, and passionate. Let your hair down and rock the stress away.


* Prune branches: In the evening browse your favorite book and re-read the pages that make your heart leap with pleasure. Become aware of your Self feeling alive and passionate.


* Sprinkle your garden with self-love: Take a bubble bath. Let each bubble represent a wish and a hope for your Self. And when it pops, let it be a sign from the universe that you’ve been heard and miracles are about to happen…


By tending to your Self daily, your inner garden will flourish and  bloom with flowers of an amazing being- You!

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