United We Handstand



Michelle and I live in suburb communities of St. Louis just minutes from Ferguson. The news is depicting the divides in our great community. Let’s discuss the connects, the ways to create UNITY.


This weekend, I was able to connect with and support a young disabled athlete completing her first triathlon. Sydney Kendall, at 13, wanted to finish a triathlon for what she described as “bragging rights” at school. First off, she is a fish! Sydney swam that Lake St. Louis fast (faster than me I might add). The gleam in her eye as she jogged into transition to her bike told me how much this girl knew at a young age. She exudes determination. Inspiration is one of her gifts. She rode a bike that her dad altered to accommodate her for many miles with me. I learned so much from her in this time together. She believes in herself and is determined to accomplish her goal of joining the paralympic swim team. This amazing young teenager also supports other kids by being an ambassador for St. Louis’ Shriners Hospital for Children. She is a connector too. I was fortunate to be paired with Sydney.

Through inspiring creativity, pushing boundaries, and having fun, YoGoGirls are able to support our community, locally and globally…. able to connect people. Michelle and I walk this walk everyday (ok, so mostly on our hands). Malcolm Gladwell would call us “connectors”. His book The Tipping Point would categorize us as people who “link us up with the world…people with a special gift for bringing the world together”. As we forge new relationships with followers and yogis online, it is our hope that YoGoGirls make each feel connected and supported. This seems to be the answer. Connect… not divide.




There are many things to support. ALS has recently garnered much with its viral #IceBucketChallenge. (Check out YoGoGirls version for a giggle.) Pick one. Find a way. Even if it’s just helping a little old lady (which we all will be someday) across the street, please connect. Please support. Our world needs more Sydneys.

And Thank You for all your support thus far. All your compliments. All your cheering. You inspire us.

(Special thanks to Erika Hiller of Swim Bike Run for these photos at Lake St. Louis Triathlon.)

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