Today’s lunchtime enlightenment for my 10 year old had me showcasing my vast knowledge on the scientific importance of this day, the vernal equinox (March 20th 2014). I went into details I knew about spring’s equinox — most of which turned out were remembered slightly differently than Google would have the rest of the world believe. But… he was impressed. Me feeling so fly as I munched on turkey and cheese. Watching his eyes light up when I explained how tomorrow begins longer days, I started to realize all the correlations in my words describing today to those I hear during my favorite regularly scheduled portion of most days — during yoga.

I explained (I will correct it for this record) how gravity and the alignment of Earth to the sun determine the season. Talking about how night and day are exactly the same length but are also opposites of each other, and explaining the sun being over the center of the Earth — its equator — it hit me. I am describing balance, centering, alignment, pulling in opposite directions… all words that I hear when on my mat.

I thought, “Hmm, maybe this is the day I will be able to hold that headstand?” I will be all balanced and circusy, because on this day, the Earth is balanced. That’s it! I bet it really has to do with the rest of the planet. Surely my balance will cooperate today and I’ll get some inversion “hang time.” It’s my destiny. It’s written in the stars. Well, at least one star. I will be capable of balancing upside down sans my ten digits. Yes. Today is yoganox.

Tomorrow, not so much. Better get going to yoga…

one han handstand

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