Wanderlust O'ahu: Join Debby Siegel, RYT at Wanderlust in Hawaii March 1-4.


Find Your Paradise.

The Show Me State is paradise bound in March heading to Hawaii for Wanderlust O’ahu March 1-4. Join our pūʻulu (group) going to yoga on the north shore of this 50th state. We can all SUP yoga in the surf caressing Kuilima Point, or roll out mats on shore alongside many legendary teachers including: Noah Maze, Brian Kest, and Briohny Smyth. Then our nights will be filled with the vibrations of outstanding musicians, like Xavier Rudd & DJ Drez and Good Crush. There’s hooping, acro, and even aerial yoga too!
Check out the Wanderlust website for details. Our previous visit to Wanderlust Aspen in July 2016 was just over-the-mountain-top amazing. We rode mountain bikes, took a gondola up to the top of SnowMass to take SUP yoga in a lake there, and laid mats out for classes with Rod Stryker, Eoin Finn and others. The days are filled with every option these yogis could want. We got into inversions, practiced slacklining, played with some acro, and relaxed with the body marking and listening to Magic Giant. It was an epic way to get away.
If this sounds like paradise, then join Debby & Sierra in O’ahu in March.

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you’ll receive 10% off a 1-, 3- or 4-day ticket for our playtime together on this island in the Pacific Ocean!

Where Aloha meets Namaste.


Wanderlust creates community around mindful living. Mindful living is a conscious, value-based approach to leading a sane & healthy life. At Wanderlust O’ahu, we will get to focus on their few simple principles:

  • Practicing Yoga & Meditation
    Practicing yoga helps clear the mind, tone the body, and heal the spirit. Wanderlust O’ahu offers a broad array of the world’s most accomplished teachers.
  • Eating Well
    We are what we eat. Wanderlust supports local farms and purchases organic, sustainably grown products whenever possible.
  • Being Green
    It is our solemn responsibility to be good stewards of the earth. Wanderlust is committed to sustainable practices, including waste reduction, recycling, composting, the utilization of renewable energy sources and carbon offsetting. Sustainability is a moving target, and we also pledge to improve year after year.
  • Practicing Purpose
    Wanderlust is a purpose driven company, and we build partnerships with like-minded companies who value social good as well as the bottom line. Some of our greatest power lies in what we do, what we purchase and who we associate with. (Now, this one makes us YoGoGirls feel good!)
  • Creating Awareness
    Many of the great challenges facing us today, from environmental damage to food shortages to disease to political upheaval, can be improved or solved through mass action. But mass action requires awareness, so wherever possible, Wanderlust uses their platform to highlight — and with luck, resolve — the most important issues of our time.
  • Showcasing Art
    Wanderlust is a place where creative expression is both valued and open. We treasure our community of artists and are honored to provide a canvas for their work. YoGoGirls are happy they feel this way! We thrive on expressing ourselves creatively.