We’re Debby & Michelle

Photographers/graphic designers and athletes living in Saint Louis, MO, we met at a triathlon training camp in Illinois about two years ago. It was kismet! We have been spawning new ideas together, pushing boundaries, doing yoga, cycling and playing together ever since.


What got you into yoga?

We’ve both always been into fitness and had passions related to it throughout our adult lives. Life is a path, full of twists and turns, and yoga helps balance it. That is what makes yoga different than other sports. This additional value drew each of us to it. Yoga has been the light on the path. We tend toward the acro and strengthening / stretching aspects, but have shed more than one tear in savasana realizing the immense power of the meditative aspects of yoga as well.


How did the concept come together for YoGoGirls?

We began playing around taking pictures and blogging about our active lives less than a year ago. When we’re together, it’s all creative energy and giggles. We were meant to cross paths and create this adventure together. We decided on the name YOGO girls because we are more than just yogis. We have a ton of unbridled energy and we wanted to show this in as many different activities that we are passionate about.


YoGoGirls is more than just yoga, whats your superpower? 

We believe that we represent an artistic view in our images and with each image we attempt something new, whether it be inspired by something we have seen that we alter, or a completely original idea like the #yogokickstand series. We like to think of our images as effortlessly effortful. At the core we do it because it is fun and sparks our creativity, but for the most part each image has a concept and is meticulously styled, be it costume, setting and/or lighting.


Which was your hardest but most successful photoshoot

We both agree that it may be one in the future, because we haven’t found one too hard yet. We do some funny things though in the winter, due to having to shoot indoors. We have had some silly episodes when using the camera’s timer. Someday they’ll need that footage for our debut on TV.


Video to produce? why? 

We auditioned for Amazing Race in November and shot & edited the piece in 3 days. Most of which were rainy and cold. That was a challenge.


What are some current projects you are working on? 

We are collaborating with several yogis around the country and world on projects. We also have been asked by some fitness lines to shoot images for their online presence. These are exciting opportunities and we feel are true to us and the YoGoGirls brand. We are also aligning with, and fundraising for, charities that resonate with our brand – one being DASA (Disabled Athlete Sports Association).


What influences the way you craft a moment?

Our flexibility during that moment! We sometimes realize we should do a class first then shoot. But, mostly we just hope something awesome comes to us, or that we remember that cool move we just learned in yoga class long enough to shoot it.



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