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At one stage in your development as a human, you were a child, devoid of the voice inside your head. You know the one. The voice that speaks to you constantly, judging your surroundings, telling you good and bad, guiding your movements and your interactions with the world around you. This voice is an intrinsic part of our make up as thinking, communicating beings. But there was a time in your development when you didn’t have this voice. You just loved and flowed throughout your days with a clean imagination, your life’s vinyasa filled with pure belief in yourself.

Go back to that time before the world told you who to be and not to be. Find past you.

Even if you are not able to pinpoint the pre-voice time and go exactly back, agree with the understanding that this time did exist for you. A time when you just simply colored, or drew, or danced, or sang, and you had never once heard yet, any other human’s comments on your art. Find that early version of you. Listen to that child. This child understands magic moments. This child is still you.

Repeat after me: I am infinitely capable. I can. I will. I am creative. I am love. I am art.

Yoga Art Therapy by Debby Siegel, RYT in St. Louis.

Yoga Art Therapy by Debby Siegel, RYT in St. Louis.

At some point we all decided whether or not we would continue to create art. In Yoga Outside the Lines, a vinyasa yoga class using charcoal and paper canvas at Utopia Studios in St. Louis, we will journey to the days of our youth.  We will provide you the tools to revive your child.

The class is being offered in a 90 minute format Sunday, April 15 4-5:30, and on Sunday, April 29 with a special reception that includes a special drink made just for the event, called Creative Inspiration.



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