Yoga Junky



You found yoga, and slowly but surely the reason you tried it became just one of the many you now crave it. Yoga seeps into your life and next thing you know, you find yourself having to practice. It’s a necessity. Well, good thing it’s the healthiest drug available. We have found that euphoric head space on a mat while connecting breath to movement and now it seems we’ve shifted every aspect of our lives to fit our yoga practices. If you’re wondering how serious it is, here are the top 10 ways to know you’re a yoga junky:


10. You search yoga studios in your vacation destination and plan your schedule accordingly.

9. Your laundry consists of two loads – yoga clothes and towels.

8. You own more than one yoga mat and sometimes coordinate it with your outfit.

7. You have an Instagram with just a few yoga pose photos.

6. You have a yoga-related tattoo.

5. You know a few sanskrit words.

4. You have taken part in a yoga challenge at a studio or online.

3. You hear a song and think it would be a good one on a yoga playlist.

2. You have a yoga or meditation app on your phone.

and the number one way to know you have an addiction to this thing called yoga…

1. You are reading this article and relate!

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