All by 7:30am. My morning as a mama of a 2 month old, 4 year old and 6 year old:


  • Wake up to baby sleeping next to me all night- what a sweaty milky mess!
  • Look over see my beloved’s entrenched frown as he sleeps on a slither of the bed left over for his wideass shoulders (so sexy though)
  • Laugh because I know he has ninja’ed out of the bedroom for some uninterrupted sleep in the spare room at 2am and snuck back in at 6.
  • Hear pitter pat of the girls feet running to our bedroom to yell, “Surprise!” (They woke up on their own.)
  • Get up
  • Get the Girls Dressed
  • Untangle Hair, Whoops I forget to put my clothes on – but they don’t even notice because I’ve been naked so much feeding this little baby on demand… (which, hopefully my mother will stop posting photos of me half naked with the baby on Facebook).
  • Pull sarong on now, gentle laugh at self, wondering if they remember this – baby now happy in the swing.
  • Sisterly love power rocks the swing, baby Will barraged with loving accolades from his four year old sister who must believe him deaf and blind…
  • Eat cereal for breakfast, nebulizer, vitamins, oh.. 2 dollars for Gia’s turkey cookie experiment at school… Did we do her homework?
  • Pack homemade chicken salad for Ceca’s lunch- with a new twist of Cilantro (taste test approved) 3 bites of my own for breakfast!!
  • Get out the door, coats and mittens along for the ride
  • Note Ryan’s out the door with kids in tow. Battery of the truck is dead.
  • Switch the carseats, laugh out loud, It’s only 7:30am.
  • Ah sit down for a second before heading to mommy and me yoga.
  • Baby asleep in swing- how nice, so peaceful and loving to see
  • No way to get to yoga with Dianna Lucas.
  • Hear her say through time and space- “Okay breath, breath, accept and laugh. Enjoy this time of absolute quiet.”

I love you Ryan. I love you Ceca. I love you Gia. I love you Will. I so need a date with You! xoxo Sheila

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Sheila Fazio is a licensed clinical social worker and practices as a holistic therapist in the St. Louis area. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and integrates Eastern and Western practices into her private practice. Sheila is also a Bhakti yoga teacher, cranial sacral therapist and licensed massage therapist. And she teaches at Casa Bagus in Clayton, MO.

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