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Upcoming Yoga Classes & Workshops with Debby Siegel of YoGoGirls:

Practicing yoga all over St. Louis and around the country, Debby highly values community, creativity, adventure, and the healing power that only wild places can provide. Come home to yourself through self-love and the growth that comes from discomfort coupled with a bit of challenge in a YoGoGirls’ class or workshop.

Date Night Yoga: Play, Intimacy, Restoration & Cacao

Debby Siegel Date Night Yoga at Yoga Six

August 4, 6-8p    $44 / couple
includes a cacao treat, restorative partner poses & stretches, tantra yoga flow set to live music, and candlelight meditation
at Yoga Six St. Louis


Debby Siegel Chris Powers Date Night YogaThis playful and intimate workshop designed just for couples, is the perfect date night for you and your favorite yogi. Whether you’re a couple looking to get out of that dinner & movie date night rut and in need of a fun and fresh alternative for sparking your love connection, or first time daters looking to learn more about one another, you will find a comfortable space to explore the power of playful yoga, mindfulness and cacao.

We’ll begin date night yoga with a raw cacao treat & ceremony. Raw cacao powder – called the sexual sweetener – contains phytochemicals known to affect Phenethylamine, or PEA, a compound released into the brain when we’re attracted to someone. With more than 20 times the antioxidant power of blueberries, raw cacao produces a sense of delight through increasing brain serotonin which in turn can increase sexual excitation, desire and responsiveness.

In addition to cacao, expect to practice yoga to live guitar music and take with you some key partner massaging moves and stretches you can do anywhere.  Positions will be tailored to fit your level of skill and comfort.





You’ll also:

  • Strengthen the pranic currents flowing between you and your beloved while creating loving memories
  • Learn and appreciate awareness in the present moment
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Improve your healthy body image and self-esteem
  • Improve your circulation
  • Find connection, trust & healing through restorative partner stretches

SUP Yoga (or Paddleboard Yoga)Debby Siegel register for her yoga

June 20, 21, 27, July 5 & 25,  6:15p-7:30p
$20 includes 30 minutes of paddling, 45 min yoga class, a 10-11 foot board, paddle, life preserver,
and healthy snacks / drinks after.  $70 for four
Simpson Lake | 1224 Marshall Rd | Valley Park, MO 63088


SUP Yoga Paddleboard Yoga St. LouisThis floating yoga class will incorporate elements of vinyasa flow and breathing designed to balance you on and off a paddleboard. Expect to have fun while challenging your individual edges of flexibility, focus, strength, and balance. We will conclude, post savasana, on shore with healthy snacks and drink.

Take your yoga practice to another dimension, by supplementing a paddleboard for your mat, and water for the floor. You will improve your balance and engage your core more than ever as we bring mind and body intricately together in a floating yoga class. (No one will be doing their grocery list while in down dog on their paddleboard!)

So if connecting to nature and the sweet sounds of water, while soaking in some vitamin D and fine-tuning your deltoids, rotator cuffs, traps, pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, supraspinatus, glutes, calves, quads, trapezius, low back, heart, lungs, and your abdominal muscles, sounds like an ideal Wed night, join us at Simpson Lake. We will all be clipped onto a line across the water so no one is facing the wrong way or floating away during class.

There is a bathroom for changing, etc adjacent to the parking lot at the beach where we will launch. Sunset is just after 8p in June. Bring bug repellant, a beach towel, water, and wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We’ll begin promptly at 6:15 with 30 minutes of paddling around and checking out the water, and will all link up to the floating line in the large part of the lake at 6:45pm for 45 minutes of centering and strengthening. We’ll conclude on the shore with community snacks & drink and be heading out by 8:03pm.

Four Seasons Sky Terrace YogaDebby Siegel register for her yoga

Sundays April 23 – June 25, 8:30-9:30a yoga followed by brunch, $18-20
includes light fare by Cielo on the terrace afterward
Four Seasons St. Louis | 999 N 2nd St, St. Louis, MO 63102


Debby YoGoGirls teaches yoga at Four Seasons St. Louis
Start your Sunday with vinyasa yoga on Four Seasons eighth floor Sky Terrace led by Debby Siegel. We’ll salute the sun and sky while taking in the panoramic views of the Mississippi River and downtown St. Louis skyline. This all-levels class will emphasize breath, movement, strength and alignment. This is the kick off event. The class will continue each Sunday throughout the spring and summer.

Following yoga, attendees are invited to refuel with complimentary small bites from Chef Gian Nicola Colucci of Cielo Restaurant and Bar, including freshly-squeezed juices, parfaits, fruit and breakfast made with locally grown vegetables.
This first event is $20, each week following is just $18 for yoga followed by brunchy bites, fresh pressed juices, coffee and tea.






Astronomical Yoga with Live Music

with Debby Siegel and Chris PowersDebby Siegel register for her yoga
Darkening of the Sun Music Festival
August 18-21, 2017

Hawk Arrow Springs just 5 minutes outside of St. Clair, MO

Astrological Yoga for Festivals


Travel your mind and body to another dimension in this cosmic yoga class set to live music on guitar & harmonica.  You’ll eclipse those busy thoughts with balanced breathwork and transformational movement in a vinyasa flow. Find your zen on a mat with yoga evangelist, Debby Siegel, of YoGoGIrls in this 60-minute class. No prior yoga experience necessary. A willingness to explore the cosmos of your relaxed mind a plus. Bring a yoga mat, water & you.

Darkening of the Sun is an event celebrating the total Solar Eclipse of 2017. The event is Aug 18-21 and located at Hawk Arrow Springs just 5 minutes outside of St. Clair, MO.

Our featured attraction at Darkening of the Sun is the total solar eclipse of 2017, of which patrons will experience 2 minutes and 40 seconds of darkness. The event is also offering camping, live music, live art, swimming, rock climbing, hay rides, workshops, yoga, community bonfire rings, and an eclipse observatory area.

Additionally – the event will feature Native American Art, Vendors, and Music sanctioned by the Northern Cherokee Nation. A portion of the proceeds of Darkening of the Sun will go to the Northern Cherokee Nation & The Covering House.

Please visit their website for all event details and to purchase tickets. And stay up-to-date on this festival thru their Facebook event page.

Astronomical Yoga with Live MusicDebby Siegel Astronomical Yoga at Darkening of the Sun

with Debby Siegel and Chris Powers

Sugar Creek Music Festival
Sept 21 – 23, 2017
Camp Manitowa | 12770 North Benton Rd  |  Benton, IL 62812


Debby Siegel Chris Powers Festival YogaWe are made of stardust. Our bodies remnants of stars and massive explosions in the galaxies. Travel your mind and body to another dimension in this cosmic yoga class set to live music on guitar & harmonica. Eclipse busy thoughts with balanced breathwork and transformational movement in an accessible vinyasa flow. Find your zen on a mat with yoga evangelist, Debby Siegel, of YoGoGirls in this 60-minute class. No prior yoga experience necessary. A willingness to explore the cosmos of your relaxed mind a plus. Bring a yoga mat, water & your stardust.

> > > > > > > >

Sugar Creek Music Festival – a three night Music, Arts, and Camping Festival held at Camp Manitowa in Benton, IL – is in its fourth year. Get away for a weekend of music from over a dozen bands, multiple live artists, yoga, flow arts workshops, flow arts performers, many arts & crafts vendors, kayaks, canoes, a rock wall, restrooms/showers, great food, a late night jam stage, a huge bon fire, and so much more at Sugar Creek Music Festival.
Tickets are $50 in advance and $60 at the gate. It’s $10 extra to enter for the Thursday pre party. The only one day tickets available will be on Saturday at the gate only for $30. Camping is included with the purchase of a ticket.

Tickets on sale at: Hempies, CapeGirardeau, MO; Sunshine Daydream, University City, MO & Fairview Heights; Makanda Trading Co, Makanda, IL; Longbranch Cafe, Carbondale, IL and online @



Previous workshops that will be back:

Boho Yoga

with Debby Siegel, RYT
Wednesdays through May 3, 6:30-7:30p
Donation Based, Vegan Treats After
Center for Divine Love | 3617 Wyoming | Tower Grove, MO 63118

Debby Siegel's Boho Yoga


Donation based series for the unconventional – the bohemian who wishes to learn more about this thing called yoga. Together we’ll breathe, center our minds, dwell in this time and place, and move our bodies in unison with our breath.

This class is suited for the person who doesn’t own the latest matching yoga wear, the one who wants to try yoga outside of the traditional yoga studio, someone who is interested in learning and improving his or her health with yoga, but feels a little like a gypsy in a sea of fembots in a studio class.

We will build poses from their simplest form to the more complex, and there will be room for every version. If your tree pose looks different from your neighbor, well that’s because it’s Boho Yoga! We are not here to be like anyone else. We are Bohemians.

So if you are that unconventional yogi who seeks to play with a basic vinyasa flow class followed up with some healthy community food, please drop in at the Center for Divine Love at 3617 Wyoming in Tower Grove and pay what you can. Cash or card.

You are perfect the way you are. There is no other you. Bring you, your mat and water. Wear some comfy clothes and gain access to the ancient wisdom of vinyasa yoga. We’ll yoga on the basement floor of this Tower Grove area church. It is called Center of Divine Love. Park in the church’s parking lot to the west of the building and come in that side door.


Defy Gravity with a YoGoGirls Inversions Game Plan

with Debby Siegel and Michelle Thomas
Sunday, December 11, 2016 | 3:00p-5:00p
$45 includes workshop, homework video, and photos
Consuming Kinetics Dance Company (in the CWE) | 460 Whittier St, St. Louis, MO 63108


Want to experience the joy of being upside down? Join inversion enthusiasts Debby & Michelle of YoGoGirls for this inversions workshop mastering invigorating yoga poses such as headstand, forearm stand and handstand. We will safely build these poses from their foundations up in order to gain confidence and dispel the fears associated with practicing inverted poses.

Inversions can be empowering postures that teach us not only about our inner strength, but about our playfulness, courage, and our ability to create lightness and space. They help our circulatory system, our lymphatic system, energize us and even help our immune system. So let’s make them happen!

We’ll discuss anatomically what needs to happen in the shoulder girdle, core and bandhas for you to defy gravity and get your heart above your head. We’ll share our stories of how we developed the strength and confidence to attempt these more challenging poses. We’ll provide you with homework in video form so that you may continue your inversion practice after the workshop. And of course, we will take some success photos at the end of this 2 hour workshop.

This workshop is best suited for those with a regular yoga practice of all-levels. A willingness to fall 3 times and get back up 4 is key. We ask that if you have any neck and/or head injuries, high blood pressure or eye problems like glaucoma that you not register for this workshop.



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