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With the expert guidance of Jon Richard of Vertical Voyages, YoGoGirls recently climbed a 100 foot tall pin oak tree inside Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. We recorded the action in 5 parts and have embedded the videos in this blog post. If you’re interested in the technical side of this type of climbing where Jon enlightens us on all the necessary equipment, the safety checks and features, and provides his expert instruction for this exhilarating form of getting high, watch all our live recordings (total of about 35 minutes of viewing). But if you’re strapped for time, STEP 4 & 5 are the actual experience.


Conservation of plants and their diversity is central to the mission of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Jon of Vertical Voyages has special permission to take others up in a few of the majestic trees inside this 154 year old National Historic Landmark center for science and conservation, education and horticultural display.

The experience (you can add the laugh track on your own):

STEP ONE (3min, 15sec): Sling-shotting the throw line over a branch 90 feet off the ground in the oak tree at Missouri Botanical Garden.


STEP 2 (12 min): Installation of 6000 pound climbing lines, Jon ascends using a Single Rope Technique to install our rope systems on the branches up near the sun. Jon is a seasoned climber who teaches rock and tree climbing. Jon reviews here in Step 2, the health of this tree and how he selects those best for climbing. He also directs us through all of the safety requirements for this radically cool form of getting higher.


STEP 3 (8min, 50 sec): Michelle arrives and learns the ropes from Jon. We get in our harnesses and you get to laugh at us. So there’s that.


STEP 4 (5min, 50sec): Jon of Vertical Voyages shows us how to use the double rope climbing system for monkeying up trees like this 100 foot oak inside Missouri Botanical Gardens.


STEP 5 (5min, 30 sec): We made it to the top! Closer to the sun, the birds and ducks were laughing at us. And Michelle gives us a demo of the double rope system using her Barbie feet. 

If you are interested in an unforgettable birds-eye view of the world, immersed in the canopy of majestic trees, exploring different trees’ structures, limbs and canopies, visit Vertical Voyages online.

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