YoGoGirls with Flying Colors

YoGoGirls’ Editor

You’re reading this post on a computer or digital handheld device that you’ve likely spent countless hours on today alone. This digital age is here to stay, but the chaotic noise it can create doesn’t have to rule us. YoGoGirls has your remedy! How about unplugging and taking a moment to rediscover the analog pleasures of coloring?!


YoGoGirls have a distinct connection to art. The creative process at the heart of YoGoGirls existence, we are intimately familiar with the outlet offered us by creating art and thrive in that space. There’s much neuroscientific research about the use of art therapy, and how the human brain can physically change, grow, and rejuvenate through art. We are here to offer you the creative outlet of coloring for a relaxing and soothing way to relieve stress and escape your daily pressures.


So Unplug. Disconnect. Awaken your inner child. And take a moment to rediscover the delights of coloring, while coloring our pictures! Right click on any of these six images to save it to your computer. Print it and doodle your way to a relaxed state. Then plug back in and share your finished work with us if you’d like! You’ll be entered in our coloring contest:


Email us a scan of your colorful creation to michelle@yogogirls.com by August 20, and we’ll award one artist a prize for the most impressive coloring job. One winner will receive a limited edition YoGoGirls print!  If you win, you’ll choose one of our images to be printed on the very finest, museum quality watercolor paper with archival inks. It will be suitable for museum or gallery display and 16″x 20″. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Print will arrive unframed, in a shipping tube. $130 value. (Most of our images on Instagram are available in high resolution. The one you select will need to be high res.)




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