I created a piece of wall art that reminds me of the things we should all remember. Here is a short list of the things taken from wiki how. You can read the longer list by clicking on the link.


Fads and trends are a personal decision. While some people avoid them like the plague in the name of “individualism”, it doesn’t mean you’re not being yourself when you choose to follow trend. It’s all about what you want.

Know when going with the flow is more beneficial than digging your heels in on something. Example: Sometimes it’s better to agree to going to a rock concert for a band you don’t enjoy to spend time and have fun with your friends, than it is to take a stand for your own personal views on the quality of the band’s music and miss out on the fun and time spent with good friends. That’s about compromising… and being respectful of others’ preferences, rather than about soiling your own.




Dont feel the need to do something spectacular or out of the ordinary to be an individual, all u need to show is who YOU are inside.


Never compare yourself with others; our uniqueness is what make us beautiful.


Even if your friends seem different, don’t hold back. Be yourself and if they don’t accept you they aren’t your real friends.


Just because someone says they don’t like something about you doesn’t mean it’s bad or you need to change it. Depending on what it is often it’s a matter of preference.


Striving to be something you’re not can be unhealthy when it involves improving academic, sport, and social interactions skills. It can be highly harmful when you’re striving to “be like” someone else just to have their popularity, appearance, and attitudes rub off on you. Keep unique by keeping your perspective focused on building your strengths through the inspiration of others, not through becoming like them.


If you need to be yourself do what your heart tells you to do say what you feel deep inside. If people bully you you don’t have to bully them just turn and ignore. Do what you want to do now it doesn’t mean that you should go insane. Be sane and always put a smile on your face.


Change is a constant. So changing who you are over time is inevitable, and is always likely to be a good thing if you’ve been stayed informed, relevant, and clued in to the world around you and have allowed your personal development to be a top priority in your life.



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